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BAILENs otherworldly musicality springs from a very deep well, in fact, its in their DNA. Raised in New York by their classically trained parents, Daniel, David and Julia immersed themselves in the familys diverse record collection. The groups highly collaborative songs are formed by three very different individuals who were all inspired by literature and a love of language. The resulting confident, meticulous songcraft of Thrilled To Be Here is rooted in the young groups preternatural dexterity, insight and lyrical bite.

Detail-oriented and precise, the members of BAILEN found the perfect counterpoint in producer Congletons more open approach: We think micro, and John was really good at thinking macro for the record, Julia observes. First records are special because youve spent your whole life writing them. Recording our album in a month at the same studio with one producer meant that we kept the creativity, but also found the cohesiveness.

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